What Voice Changer Does Dream Use?

Dream uses Audacity as his voice changer to do pranks and much more. Now it’s our time to check if this software is worth trying!

What Voice Changer Does Dream Use?

Free software:

Audacity is a free, open-source audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. It’s also the only free software that rivals the capabilities of expensive commercial applications like Adobe Audition and Pro Tools. Audacity does not support MIDI music editing, but it does support real-time previewing of effects applied to your audio files.

Supports unlimited tracks:

Audacity is a very powerful, full-featured program that supports unlimited tracks. The interface is intuitive for beginners, but the program has many advanced features for more experienced users.

Multitrack audio and batch processing:

Audacity supports multitrack audio and batch processing, making it ideal for dialogue editing and adding sound effects to your videos.

One of Audacity’s most useful features is its support for multitrack audio. This allows you to create multitrack recordings by recording multiple tracks simultaneously (e.g., if you want to record your voice and music). Multitrack recording is much more advanced than simple stereo recording (where you can only record two audio channels simultaneously).

Destructive editing:

Another great feature of Audacity is its support for destructive editing (i.e., edits that delete data from the file). When using Audacity, it’s important to remember that any edits will remove parts of the original file — so make sure you’ve got backups made before making any changes!

Loads of features:

Audacity’s biggest strength is its extensive list of features: it includes over 100 effects plug-ins (including equalizer settings), noise reduction features, etc.

Wide range of effects:

Audacity has no built-in voice changers, but it has a large selection of effects that can be applied to any track or group of tracks at once. There are dozens of different effects, including noise reduction and echo. You can also selectively apply these effects using the Envelope tool, which allows you to draw the change over time. The pitch shifter effect doesn’t change the pitch much, but it offers several modes, including “pitch up by octave” and “pitch down by an octave.”

You can find more information about each effect in Audacity’s online manual or by clicking on its name in the Effect menu when editing a track or group of tracks in the main window.


Dream uses audacity for pranking and playing with different YouTubers. It’s a very powerful software that allows you to record live audio, edit it, and export it in various file formats. It also supports a wide range of different plug-ins and effects that can be used to alter the sound of your audio files. Plus, it’s free, so it won’t hurt to try it yourself.

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