What Keyboard Does Tommyinnit Use?

Tommy uses a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard. This is the keyboard I use and highly recommend. It’s got everything you need for gaming, plus it looks cool. Let’s review it together and list all the good things that come with the keyboard Tommyinnit Use.

What Keyboard Does Tommyinnit Use?

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a mechanical gaming keyboard that offers gamers a full suite of features. It has a low profile and ergonomic design, and all keys are individually programmable. Tommyinnit loves the lightning in it.

Colorful scheme:

The keyboard has a multiple color scheme and is made of plastic. The backlighting on this keyboard is excellent. The Razer logo and WASD keys are lit in green, while all other keys are white. 

You can also use several lighting effects, such as breathing or wave effects, along with setting up your custom colors for individual keys. The keyboard also offers customizable lighting effects that can be customized to match your gaming setup.

Keycap Material is ABS:

The key caps on the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate are made from ABS plastic, a common choice among gaming keyboards. This makes them durable, resistant to wear and tear, and perfect for heavy-duty gaming sessions.

Comfortable typing:

The BlackWidow Ultimate has Razer Green mechanical switches underneath each key, which provide an excellent tactile feel. The switch has slightly less resistance than Cherry MX Red or Brown switches, making them ideal for gaming. Thanks to their design, the keys are also quieter than other mechanical switches.

The mechanical switches are designed to last up to 80 million keystrokes, and the keyboard can be used in both wired or wireless modes. It also has ten programmable buttons that can be customized using Razer Synapse Software.

Each key on this keyboard is individually programmable through Razer’s software, so you can set macros or assign specific functions to each key. You can even record macros on-the-fly if you need to execute complex actions in quick succession during games.

You can easily disable all Windows key functions immediately and prevent accidental activation during gameplay.

Detachable USB Cable with Two Connectors:

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate features two connectors for its braided USB cable, allowing you to plug it into both sides of your keyboard or mouse pad. Through this, you can easily move them around while gaming without worrying about unplugging anything from the computer itself if both devices are connected.


The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was designed to meet the needs of hardcore gamers. With a sturdy and durable build, this can be a game changer if you’re a serious gamer and want to take your gaming to the next level.

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