What keyboard does dream use for Minecraft?

Now it’s time to check what keyboard Dream prefers for playing Minecraft. Logitech G810 is the keyboard that Dream uses. Let’s see if you have to buy it for yourself or not.

What Keyboard Does Dream Use?

The G810 Orion Spark is Logitech’s latest entry in the mechanical keyboard market, and it has a lot to offer. It’s the first keyboard with dedicated macro keys, full RGB lighting, and custom software for Windows and macOS.

What’s in the box?

The Logitech G810 Orion Spark has a full-sized keyboard with dedicated macro keys, two media keys, and RGB backlighting. The board includes all the usual accouterments from a gaming peripheral, which includes USB pass-throughs, a detachable USB cable, and a wrist rest. It also has extras like a key puller, extra keycaps for WASD keys, and a built-in palm rest (which I recommend removing).


The G810 Orion Spark is one of Logitech’s newer keyboards that use their new Romer-G switches. These mechanical switches are ultra-responsive and fast to actuate due to their 1.5mm actuation distance, making them ideal for games like League of Legends or Dota 2, where quick response times are necessary for success. 

They’re also quieter than most Cherry MX switches when pressed because they have no tactile bump or clicky sound effect.

The board itself

The G815 is a mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting and dedicated macro keys. It’s an updated version of the original G810, one of our favorite gaming keyboards when it first launched in 2018.

Cherry MX Red switches

The G810 came at an affordable price point. Still, its biggest selling point was its use of Cherry MX Red switches, a popular choice among gamers who want to feel the actuation point (the moment when a key press registers) as quickly as possible. 

The red switches also have built-in dampening mechanisms that allow for quieter typing, making them ideal for office environments where you may need to type up long documents or emails.

Improved quality and comfort

The new G815 has the same features as its predecessor: dedicated macro keys, RGB backlighting, and per-key customization software that allows you to set everything from color schemes to macros within each game or application. However, its biggest improvements are in build quality and comfort — both areas where the older model fell short compared to other gaming-focused keyboards like the Corsair K70 Mk II or Logitech RGB G910 Orion Spark.

Gaming mode

It also has a handy Gaming mode that disables the Windows key, so you don’t accidentally exit your game while playing. Logitech’s software offers many more features than competitors: it lets you choose between different lighting effects (including reactive), set up custom profiles for each game, and assign any key on the board to whatever function you want (including mouse movements). The software is available for both Windows and macOS, though if you use Linux as I do, there are alternatives like Red Eagle Gaming Center that offer similar functionality.

Only wired keyboard

This keyboard is wired only, which means it won’t drain your battery when connected to your PC through USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports — but those ports aren’t nearly as common as regular USB ones yet.


This is a good choice if you want an all-in-one solution for your PC setup. It offers similar features as other mechanical gaming keyboards at a lower price than some of its competitors. The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is a mechanical keyboard with dedicated macro keys, full RGB backlighting, superb latency, and customization software for Windows and macOS. It’s comfy to type on without a wrist rest, but wobbly keys offer a just okay typing experience.

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